Saturday, 16 May 2009

A good day.

Last weekend I bought some Dunlop 5.5J solid steel wheels from fellow CT member Clive Senior, a good purchase.

To tidy them up I have just dropped them at my brother in laws company to get them blasted and powder coated, I am also getting my old Aleybars roll over bar (Blimey, bought this in about 1988) for the GT6 done as well. For all items I have gone for mid grey, decided upon grey for the roll over bar as I think a black bar would be a bit oppressive in the tight confines of the GT6. I have decided to re-fit the bar to the GT6, I seem to be using the car for track days and the like and after witnessing the injuries that have befallen Doug Foreman and Karl Dandridge I have decided that making the old cars a bit safer would not go amiss. I have also purchased a good quality 4 point Luke safety harness and 3 sets of 'Eye Bolts', these will be fitted to the GT6, the 2.5 and the Herald. This will give me the option of being able to switch the harness around the cars.

On the subject of Doug, I have just been speaking to CT member Bob King, seems like him and Roger Baldwinson and a few other Gatwick Area CT Members have just been to Doug's place and fitted the engine, gearbox and drivetrain from Doug's smashed Herald into his newly acquired red 13/60 saloon and got the new car running-good work fellas!

Tomorrow will be spent fitting the a new stub axle and wheel bearing kit to the 2.5. I also intend to change the engine mounts and re-mount the pacet fan as this is now fouling the crank pulley-this is weird as the car has had the Pacet fitted for years and then suddenly on the CT HCR the pulley started to hit the fan motor! Weird things these old cars.

Thought I should mention that on behalf of CT I was invited to attend the RNLI Dinner and Awards Presentation that was held at The Barbican in London last Thursday. CT President Derek Pollock was also invited and I must say we had a cracking lunch and afternoon. Thanks to Heidi Chaplin for looking after us and making sure we were comfortable. The RNLI is a top organisation and some of the stories we were told about were very moving. I still find it incomprehensible that the RNLI needs to raise over £100million to operate each year, most comes from annual donations from estates of the dead, the balance being raised by a mammoth team of volunteers raising events etc.
Must say I am very proud of the amount of money that all the CT members raised by taking part in last years 2008 RBRR, £65,000.00 was a fantastic amount of money. I hope that we can achieve a similar amount for the Charity we decide to support when we do the 2010 RBRR. Worth showing the amount of money that CT members taking part in the RBRR have managed to collect for the various Charities:
1990 British Heart Foundation £13,500.00
1992 Imperial Cancer Research Fund £ 8,500.00
1994 Leukaemia Research Fund £11,500.00
1996 Alzheimers Research Trust £21,750.00
1998 MacMillan Cancer Relief £37,800.00
2000 Children with Leukaemia £41,000.00
2002 Multiple Sclerosis Society £37,300.00
2004 Children with Leukaemia £47,100.00
2006 BLISS: Premature Babies £50,600.00
2008 Royal National Lifeboat Institution £65,000.00
Grand Total £331,650.00

Below is a pic of the 2.5 as taken by Kevin Rochfort on the RBRR at Lands End with the RNLI stickers attached. Beside it is the Herald of Andrew Plews and the Vitesse of Andy Martin.

I am wary of being too keen with this Blog, so many seem to start Blogs with good intentions and then after an intial burst of activity stop updating them, I hope I can manage to update the Blog regularly.

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