Sunday, 12 July 2009

Blimey, 2 useable Triumphs!

After an afternoon and early mornings work on the GT6 the longer driveshafts are now fitted to the car. As this involved stripping the rear suspension off the car, this meant dis-connecting the rear brakes. My old mate Diz popped over and pumped the pedal whilst I bleed the brakes. Alot of enthusiasts use 'Ezzi Bleeed' kits, personally I do not get on with these as I find it difficult to get a seal at the lid of the master cylinder. Therefore I have always used simple little bleeding pipes that have a one way valve fitted, these being available in motor factors for not much money. In fact they are so cheap that I have four of them are used in conjunction with small water bottles that have drilled caps with the pipe pushed through, makes it tidy for when they fall over as fluid does not get everywhere. So with one attached to each brake bleed nipple., its an easy job to whizz around and get a pedal, something like 15 mins.

So that was it the car is ready for next Sunday! After years of stripping and re-building rotoflex suspension and fighting gainst the distortion bought about by the rotoflex couplings its a joy to work with the CV suspension. The only sticking part is the attachment of the inner CV pot to the diff output shafts as getting the 3/8unf nylocs onto the studs is a bit fiddly. As usual the car exhibited positive camber whilst up in the air, however a reverse out of the garage and back in soon had the suspension sitting at the correct level, surprisingly enough it seems to be showing 1 - 2 degrees of negative camber now, weird as the longer shafts should not be at the end of the splines within the CV pots?

Its great to have the car back in use after its short time off the road. I mentioned last time that rot is starting to break out again, this is very apparent in the bonnet and the tailgate. Also badly affected is the return panel in the boot, this being badly holed especially in the area by the exhaust silencer box. Once the summer is over I will be taking the car to one of my mates houses as he has kindly agreed to let me leave the car in his dry garage. This means that the Herald can go into my garage. I think I am going to cost out how much it will cost to build a new double garage, luckily I will be able to buy all the materials very cheaply through work.

Right, next week I will be using the car in the Club Triumph Autosolo, I have also offered the use of the car to James Carruthers for this event. James is a tidy and smooth driver so it will be interesting to see how we compare, last time I did this I only managed to beat Katie Foreman using my car by 0.3secs over the day, I hope I can do better against James?

Found this photo of my car taking part in a TR Register Track Day back in 2004 at Mallory Park, really like it as the car looks to be going fast owing to the slight distortion, pretty little car eh!
This one is from the 2000 RBRR and is of my old mate Richard Arthers looking remarkably happy after 36 hours in the car!

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