Sunday, 20 September 2009

10CR and all that

Well, the old car did the 10CR, had ignition problems but when she was running well the car was went well! However we did spend alot of time under the bonnet-missed really looking at the Milleu Bridge, which was a shame. Dave Kent was my co-driver, reckon he did 60% of the driving, and exhibited a never say die attitude towards my car-cheers Dave.

We spent most of the time in the company of Andy and Jason in Andy's Vitesse, James and Craig in James' 2000 mk1, Mike and Andy in Andy's newly acquired TR7 V8 and Russell and Carmel in Russell's TR6. Thanks for sticking with us! James' car only passed its MOT on the morning of the event and then did not miss a beat, top car!!

Andy M's Vitesse had a few issues that ended with him using a cut down Citroen valve spring to replace the one that broke, later on the overdrive on the car stopped working therby reducing their motorway speed. This is a terrific car, but I must say that Andy does not get to enjoy the best of luck with the car.

Highlights of the event being small things:
Such as bumping into an old friend of mine,Lloyd just south of Alencon, only people I are know in France are Lloyd and Abbi-blooming weird or what!
Enjoyed a pizza with Mike and Andy Bestard in Italy in a lovely town, Aosta I think.
Waking up in the car park to a cemetry in Condom, Lloyd told me that Terry Wogan has a place in that town.
Friday morning brekkie in a nice village somewhere in France!!!
Nice meal in Dunkirk before getting the ferry home.
The control stop in the car park opposite the entrance to Le Mans as the sun set was special-nice vibe at that stop.

Dale Barker's Herald and James Shackford's 2.5Pi mk1 receiving some attention at Le Mans. Below: Russell Banyard's TR6 and the similar car owned by Gerhard Bose. Poor pic. but as usual I hardly took any snaps!
So all in all a good trip, spoilt by the poor performance of my car, still that is what one will get if one does not look after these old cars! Worst part of the event was hearing that Joe and Frank Welling had their mishap in the Alps, still at least that car is repairable and will be back in use soon.

Yesterday I went to the Goodwood revival, last went in 2007 and I must say that the event was very good, however the cost is abit much. Highlights being the quality of cars in the Tax Exempt car park and the flypasts of various old planes, best and most awe inspring being the Vulcan-boy oh boy what a immense machine! On the way I followed a Ferrari Daytona along the A27 and A3, nice car, but srangely odd looking-think I'd rather a Dino 246! I will not be able to go next year as I will be flat out on the RBRR, but reckon every two years is about right.
Before I went to Goodwood, I fitted the Magnecor leads from the GT6 onto the 2.5, mis-fire issues gone!! I will order some Lumenition blue leads for the GT6 and keep the Magnecor's on the saloon. Also when funds permit, I will be fitting a 123 dizzy onto the saloon and will be changing the cylinder head.

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