Thursday, 12 November 2009

RBRR 2010

As you all know, I am the Main Organiser of the Club Triumph Round Britain Reliability Run. I am very lucky to have 3 very talented guys to help organise the event, these being: On maps: Nigel Abdullah, on Entry Admin: Jason Chinn and on IT: James Carruthers. In fact owing to the amount of work that they are doing, I seem to have nothing to do at present! Good lads eh!

Anyrate its all go, so far 39 entries have arrived at Jase's house, gawd knows how many will arrive tomorrow. Its seems like RBRR fever has descended upon the Club-fantastic stuff!

Its a top event and I cannot wait to be in the car park at 'The Plough' getting ready for the driving odyssey that is the RBRR!

Expect to see all the lastest info about the event on the CT website and upon the RBRR Blog that will be featured within the 'site.

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