Sunday, 1 November 2009

This is the modern world!

Went to the Pistonheads Sunday Service this morning at BMW's UK HQ at Bracknell. I went with some old friends of mine who own more modern cars.

These are their cars, a Pug 205GT1 1.9, Subaru Impreza Turbo amd BMW M3, and of course my old saloon at the back! Darren is bringing his 205 to Oulton Park.

The car park was full of modern cars, mainly M3s and Subarus, however did spot some nice older machinery, a nice Cooper S and a Fiat Abart 500-60s not the modern big thing! Unfortunately it was raining very hard whilst we were there, so we did not stop long. My fave car was a Caterham R500, very nice, BRG with orange rim to the nose cone. Also spotted a couple of nice Focus RS, these newish Fords do look big. I'd love to have a drive, I love my ST but must admit would like to try something that had a bit more power.
The saloon went well on the drive over to Bracknell, the moisture (!) coupled with the 123 dizzy certainly transformed the car, she seems so much snappier. in fact so much so that I may take her to Oulton Park next weekend for the MGoT.

Onto that, I have had real problems today attempting to get decent brake pedal feel on the GT6 following the installation of these Wilwood calipers. It took nearly two hours to bleed her, but I still ended up with a soft pedal. I used my usual brake pipe bleeders which have a one-way valve fitted, and are then passed through an old plastic water bottle.
These bleeders cost £4.95, so I have one for each bleed nipple-makes the job very quick and easy-normally that is! The pic. shows one, the one-way valve is inside the bottle.

These Wilwood calipers have two bleed nipples one each side of the unit. The actual bleeding screw is very small, being 1/4AF, therefore I had to use a small piece of vacumm tube to ensure I had a reasonable seal to be able to bleed properly, but try as I might I could not get all the air out-time to just check on all the joints and leave overnight whilst I chill out!

I will have another go at these on Tuesday night, if no joy then its 2.5 for Oulton!!!

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