Thursday, 21 May 2009

Bank Holiday Weekend

As usual its been a busy week, work is a bit manic, which is nice-busy times means job security.

Right back to the cars, I have just been speaking to my Brother in Law who has carried out some blasting and powder coating work to some wheels and an old Aleybar rear roll over cage I have, these are shown below, a good job eh! I hope to fit the bar to the GT6 on Saturday afternoon in time for the Standard Triumph Forum meeting at Duxford on the Sunday. I am not one for car shows, however the Imperial War Museum is so good that the chance of cheap admission and the ability to spend some time there should not be missed.

If time permits I will fit the Wilwood four pot calipers to the car, just got to have some brake pipes modified to fit the american threaded unions that are in the calipers. The pads for these calipers have a larger surface area than the standard calipers and the calipers weigh considerably less as well-I hope that the braking of the car will be improved?

The pics of the brake pads show the difference in size between the Wilwood and Hi Spec, the greenstuff items being the ones for the Wilwood calipers. The Wilwood caliper has a bracket bolted to it which I hope will fit the GT6's uprights, no problem if they don't as I have a set of the brackets that will fit.

Bank Holiday Monday will be spent working on the saloon, I have more or less got the new stub axle back on the car, just need to fit new wheel bearings to the hubs and a new track rod end and I can then drop the car back onto its four wheels. I have hit a stumbling block though, the Pacet fan has been fouled by the crankshaft pulley. This was taken off the car during the LCC and slung into the boot. I had intended to use it mounted in front of the radiator and was hoping that I would be able to take the fan off its spindle and simply reverse it around. No such luck, once I managed to get the fan off I found that it is not reversible and that unless I can source a smaller crankshaft pulley and damper I will need to get a different fan for the car. Only saving grace is that I may be able to use this one on the Herald? Looking on-line I see that Kenlowe do a 13'' dia fan for under £100.00, this is reversible so would be suitable if I cannot mount the fan because of space restrictions to suck the air through the rad. Looks like a purchase may be necesary.

Just been in my shed, what a mess, need to sort it out. I am thinking of buying some decent racking to store parts upon as it needs to be a tidy shed. I spend so much time messing around looking for parts, this time wasting needs to be reduced! I may at some point buy another shed and have that as a workshop, not sure? I was at Micheal Helm's place the other day, man oh man he has a set up that is very impressive. Two big units that house all his cars and a 4 post lift-lucky sod! Anyrate Mike has said that I could use his premises anytime, very decent of him eh! That is the thing about Club Triumph, so many members are willing to help others, top bunch of people!

Below are some snaps from the recent MGoT Track day at Cadwell Park as attended by 20 or so CT members. These pics. show Keith Dandridges silver mk2 GT6, Lloyd McNeill's glorious Standard Ten historic racer and Bryce Greenwood's just MOT'd after a re-build TR7 V8. The quality of cars that CT members took up to Cadwell was really good and a cracking day was had by all!

As mentioned previously I am taking part in the La Carrera Caledonia in a week or two and the after fiting the roll over bar and the new calipers I will have the car in the state that I want for this event. I have decided to take part on my own, following Keith Bennett's lead in the 2005 event when he did that in his TR4A. This will mean that I need to make some notes that can be easily read whilst on the move. I will be travelling up to the start in Gretna with Dave Pearson and Jason Chinn, not sure which car they are using, I hope its Dave's Courier Van? We usually stay at 'The Old Stone Trough' near Barnoldswick and get to enjoy the 'Pendle and Pennine' meeting, unfortunately their were no rooms left so we have decided to drop in at the OST for a meal and then go and stay up near Carlisle. This will mean the usual early morning blast to Gretna is avoided, a drive that is often undertaken with a mega headache following a few too many beers the night before. Really looking forward to the LCC, just a shame that Jim McGuinness is not running a small 'Test' for us on the Saturday evening. This will be my fifth LCC, 2 in the 2.5, hopefully 2 in the GT6 and 1 in James Carruthers 2000 mk1 following GT6 issues and a break down on the way to Scotland in 2007.
Above are two snaps from the 2005 event, these show Steve Waddingham and the GT6 somewhere in Scotland and James Carruthers, Steve Waddingham, Keith Bennett and Jim McGuinness at a stop again somewhere in Scotland! I reckon McJim has put on some weight!

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