Friday, 22 May 2009

A few more groovy cars!

Thought it would be an idea to show some more pics!

Picture from the first 10CR, taken in Nice. Red GT6 is the one owned by Doug Foreman, besides it is the Herald 1200 of Andy and Sarah Johnson. A few other CT cars are scattered around the car park.

This one is from the same event and strangely enough these are still owned by the same people:
L -R: Martin Randle's TR7, Don Cook's GT6, Andy Flexney's TR3A, Doug Crutchfield's TR2 and my GT6. Good eh!

Andy MacDonald's 'Worksalike'. His glorious old mk1 that had a Rover V8 and was running Pi. This car flew, this pic was taken on the 05 10CR, think its on the motorway near Nice? Paul Shattock is in the driving seat, Andy Mac beside him and Sam Shattock in the back. Andy has recently sold this car, shame as she was a good 'un.

Nigel Gair's glorious 2000 Mk2. A famous CT car and many an inspiration to CT members. Nigel has done many RBRRs in this car. I hope he will be joining us at the forthcoming MGoT at Brands Hatch in June.

Modsport GT6: This pic was nicked from a copy of Sports Car Monthly an old car magazine from the early 80s. I seem to remember the writer complaining about the heavy steering, evidently it was fast though!

Andy Martin's Vitesse 60002VC, is there a better Vitesse? Andy uses this car, it has been on most CT events, most recently the Historic County Run. Andy is true Triumph enthusiast, has owned them since the early 80s. He also owns a gorgeous TR4A, lucky fellar!

One of my old Mondeos, this one was superb, 100K miles and nothing went wrong! Apols for sticking this up here, but I just love series 2 Ford Mondeos. Not so sure about the new one though, styling is a bit heavy!

CT Competition Secretary Dale Barker's Herald. Another superb car, again tuned and modified but reliable. I have sat as passenger in this at Castle Combe, it handles nicely and goes really well.

This car is another of those inspirational Triumphs. Owned by a chap called Bill Haseldine, Bill used to hillclimb and sprint the car in the early 80s, I remember an early morning blast to Goodwood in about 1983 in this car, seem to remember we did the trip very quickly! The first triumph I saw on revolution wheels, made an impression on me! Bill still owns the car, though I have not seen it for a couple of years.

Pic of my 2.5 with two ex-works cars and a Triumph Chicane. Taken last year after the LCC in June.

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