Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Some more pictures!

This is Doug Foreman's mk3 GT6. A good old car that sometimes has been used to carry his anvil. Doug is a farrier and used to use the car for work. Goes well this one. The pic was taken at a Bedford CC Autotest back in 2005.

Excuse the lines through the pic, this one is Martin Randle's lovely TR7 FHC, as can be seen it is sporting the original BL works colour scheme. I think this pic was taken just after the car had been painted in this scheme-looks good for a TR7 eh!

James Carruther's 2000 mk1, really nice car this, looks very good with the minilites. Good colour for a mk1.

This is Andy Flexney's TR3A, taken on the first 10CR at Nice. Paul Darbyshire is beside him, my memory of them on this event was that they spent the whole time laughing. Top car.

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