Saturday, 30 May 2009

Stub Stacks

Recently bought some stub stacks from Calver Tuning. I ordered alloy units, but as Keith Claver did not have any alloy ones to hand, he sent me a couple of Kevlar items-blimey, doubt if there is a slower car driving in the UK that has Kevlar items attached to it! Superb service though, I e-mailed back and stated that if he got some alloy units done I would be happy to replace, Keith kindly said not to worry! Nice bloke.
I was talking to the chap I have previously mentioned who beat me at the Bocardo Autosolo, he has used some of Keith's products on his Mini and found them to be very good backed up with quality service. Nice to hear of someone in the tuning world who is not 'Up their own backside'!

Right, time to sit down and watch the Cup Final, bit nervous, but hoping that Chelsea can beat Everton. Come on you, er Yellows!

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