Thursday, 4 June 2009

Off to Scotland

Thursday 09.00am:
Right, getting ready for this weekend's fun in Scotland. I was going to take the GT6, but as I need to be back in London for Monday nights Club Triumph Committee Meeting I have decided to use the 2.5.

The La Carrera Caledonia was a CT Drivers Challenge round, but as the 'Official' event was cancelled and we are now all taking part in an unofficial event, CT have decided to delete the event from the DC. Therefore I could have taken the Focus, however I suppose that would not be in the spirit of things!

The 2.5 has not been used since the HCR in April and I have had a number of issues to rectify as follows:

Re-build front NS hub include replace the stub axle and fit new bearing.
Fit a new electric fan. As the engine is now in the correct position (!) the crank shaft pulley fouls the Pacet fan, this has caused the spindle on the fan to break. Therefore whilst I await a smaller unit, I will fit the electric fan of the GT6. I will take a standard crankshaft pulley mounted fan with me as back up in the boot to Scotland. Only snag with that could be that the oil cooler will be in the way!
The carburettor throttle linkeage fouls the choke spindle bar, this will need a bit of light filing!
Adjust the valve clearances, standard camshaft therefore 10 thou everywhere.
That is it apart from a good wash-the car that is!

Thursday 11.00pm:

Umm, managed to get the above done today as well as find time for a 1.5hour kip on the sofa, I do like an afternoon snooze! Took the car over to Andy Martin's to pick up some items that he needs to get to Dave Pearson tomorrow (Some ex-works Rally Car parts-bit daunting having irreplaceable stuff in the boot) , the car seemed to be going well, although it is still pinking. This is down to the shagged out dizzy. I have two options, buy a 123 or buy a second hand Lucas unit that is correct for the car and get that re-built. Dave Langrick has one of those spare and will sell to me? At present I am thinking 123.

Tomorrow morning will be spent travelling up to Dave's to meet up with him and Jason. Also Tim Hunt is going to meet us as well, a spot of lunch and then off to the Old Stone Trough at Keswick. I will check the wheel bearings before I go tomorrow morning though!

It will be nice to get some mileage done in the 2.5, and after checking on Google Maps, I have found that the mileage from Aviemore to Crews Hill is 520miles! Looks like the long legged gearing of 27mph/1000 revs in overdrive top will be useful!
Below is a pic of the car and James Carruther's 2000 on last years LCC

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