Friday, 31 July 2009

Catch up!

Just a quick one!

Did another 'Autosolo' last weekend, took part in the Sevenoaks District Motor Club event at North Weald Aerodrome near Epping in Essex. I was entered in the 'Historic' class alomng with fellow CT'ists: Katie Foreman (Herald 13/60), Clive Senior (Toledo), Mike Helm (Spitfire 1500) and Mike Bishop (Herald 1200). I came first out of the Triumph cars and 2nd in class, beaten by a Ford Escort RS2000. Luckily a Austin Healey Sprite fitted with a powerful 1900 Ford Zetec engine acheived FTD and was therefore moved out of class! Must admit that I was pleased, however I think I would have come third if Mike Helm had not had to go and get some welding sorted and therefore did not do all the tests. He's a real bandit, and bloody fast!

This event was different in that the Cones were not numbered, I was apprehensive about this, but in fact found it to be ok. We all taped the route diagram to our dashboards in case of problems. I only made one mistake, that being the first attempt of the 4th Test, as one's best two times count I was ok as my two other attempts went well. This event was definitely the fastest one I have done and very enjoyable. Must say though that I thought the previous w'ends Club Triumph event was better organised. The best thing about the 7oaks event was that we did not have to Marshal, time was therefore spent drinking tea, swatting wasps (Or not eh, Clive) chatting and bull*hitting! Doug Foreman was his new chatty self, and Katie seemed to be thinking its time for more power-easy answer and its spelt 'GT6'! Mike Bishop is getting bloomin' quick as well. Umm, thank the Lord for 6 cyls and 2000cc!

The little car did very well, once again the exhaust started to blow at the collector joint after the manifold. Really fed up with this as these exhausts cost so much money and one cannot get a decent seal. Last night was spent sorting this problem as I hope to take the car to Cornwall for a couple of days tomorrow. Otherwise the car is going very well, no other issues to talk about. Not sure what to do with her next, keep as she is or maybe lower the gearing to make her into a more competitive Autosolo car. This will involve changing the diff for either a LSD unit with either 3.89:1 or 4.11:1 ratio. I still have not fitted the Wilwood brake calipers to the car, this will happen soon.

However I must think about the 10CR and getting the 2.5 ready-next w'end? Saturday will spent at Curborough where my mate Mike is sprinting his Mini, have'nt been there since 1984! Jeez, time is flying!

Right Cornwall, here I come!

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