Monday, 3 August 2009


Just got back from my trip to Cornwall in the little car.

The trip was made for two reasons:
a) Go and have a look at the Pub/Hotel we hope to use for the 2010 RBRR. Owing to the terrible service we received on the last RBRR by the staff and management of 'The Lands End Hotel', it was decided that we should seeks a new venue for Breakfast on the Sunday morning. Tony Quick, husband of CT's Cornwall Local Group Organiser, Sally Ann Quick has found a very suitable place, so I popped in and had a look. Looks fine apart from the fact that when we leave we will all have to drive into the local town and turn around at a mini roundabout. So I have just got to agree a price and have a chat with Nigel Abdullah to ensure he is happy and this new venue should be spot on?
b) Spend some time with old friends of mine who own a nice farm near Helston. Spent most of Saturday making and starting a massive bonfire, drinking beer and then popped along to Parr Sands for dinner. Nice time. Only shame was seeing a bloated Englishman with his belly out-jeez, put it away!

The journey to Cornwall took 9 hours on Saturday, awful weather but must say the little car did me fine. Coming home today I left Helston at 8.15, dropped my mate at the train station at Redruth (He works in London in the week-I beat him to the M25 in a GT6 v Train race!) and got home at 13.45, including for a little stop. However this included a shunt on the M3 near Basingstoke, basically I was at standstill for a few minutes, the traffic in front moved off and the chap in the Nissan FWD thing behind me thought I had moved away and drove into the rear of the little car. Caused damage to the number plate panel and paint damage to the whole of the rear of the car. Thankfully the cost should not be so bad so I hope we will not involve insurance companies. Shame of it was that the guy who was driving seemed a nice bloke and was genuinely upset to have damaged my car!

Oh well, 25.5years and never had anyone drive into the car before!

Good thing was that apart from the usual amount of Beetles and Camper Vans in Cornwall I did see a fair amount of old cars, the best being a French plated Peugeot 504 estate on the A30 near Exeter-marvelous looking car! Also had a drive along with a Daimler Dart/SP250 near Hayle Bay on the A30, rare old beast eh! Saw a fair few Triumphs this morn including a mk3 Spittie, a 2000 mk1 saloon and a TR5 near Wylie on the A303. Oh, and I got flashed by a MGB on the old A30 at Leckford on Saturday-blimey, oh riley!

So a mixed weekend, but all in all I must say the little car drove very nicely.

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